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03:25am 20/05/2006
  thought I'd post just to see what happened or if this community was still going at all- I see the disclaimer about it shutting down but I figured I'd try and post and see what happens:)  
it will be no more 
04:22am 03/11/2003
  For lack of usage mainly because I really just lost all reason to put effort into this I'm shutting down the community as of nov 5th. Thanks to all those who joined.

~Holli Rose
I must give the RULES again. 
10:26pm 20/07/2003
mood: annoyed
For dumbasses who do not FOLLOW WELL!


Again for those who are a little slow I'll write it again. This community is for people who want to share their thoughts on the world. Who want to share theories or ideas or even just their thoughts on what bush should be doing rather than what he's doing. Its fantsy guys. Its just ideas and thoughts.

No matter WHAT YOU THINK we dont want to hear negitive responses to our community.

If you have something positve to say then please with all do respect go on and post comments or your own post all together. For we love to hear what others think but only in the positive light! If you have an idea that differs from ours then please post what you think and let us know your thoughts but dont attack us for ours because we would not do the same to you!

Now for the people who are here to have fun and share their thoughts please share and let us know what you think. BE RESPECTFUL. I WILL NOT SAY IT AGAIN. And those of you who thing its all fun and games to attack people know that its very easy to block you out and pretend as if your little ignorant life does not exist!

Thank you.
some military wives shared this with me..very heartbreaking 
02:52pm 17/07/2003
mood: aggravated

I wish there was some way to get thru to their selfish administrative heads that these guys need to be home, or else lets send bush and congress to fight n to do what these guys have been doing all along. I'm more than thankful Jamie is home. Sometimes people fail to recognize who is still over there and what they are encountering. Maybe soon something can be done.
What the hell! 
05:47am 16/07/2003
mood: annoyed
Oh God. Ya know what Jackie I missed that news report. I think i rather have missed it as well. War gives me nothing but a big head ache and the only way we'll ever win against North Korea is if we just run in and bomb the shit out of them today! When they dont know we're coming dont know what'll hit them. Otherwise...I love the US you know I'll stand by it when need be but damn I dont think this is one we can win. Not with the whole Iraq one. I really dont think that one is over. No matter what they say.

It can't be over because ya know what Saddam is alive! For lack of any information proving that he's dead I believe that he is alive and is just waiting for us to completely remove our people from 'his' terrory. I think once that happens he'll take control back of Iraq and hit us hard. We haven't found a lot of the weapons he had...and I do believe he had them just hid them well. I'm scared for us. I want our men out there to come home but I'm wondering if they do will these things happen??

I think messin or even toying with the idea that we should or might go after a country like North Korea is like playing with fire. Its a country we shouldn't try to help. The government over there hates us and the people are very controled and dominated into thinking we are the evil of the world. I wish that the US would take a step back. I wish Bush would reavulate what countries we should even help financially. I think we should stick with our own country. Do the trades we need to and move on from there no other deals because it seems to only get us into trouble.

Ya know for a man I used to think wanted to avenage his fathers rep with Iraq I really just think he loves playing with his 'toy' soliders. Someone should tell him this is reality and he's playing with lives not plastic little men. Sorry too early in the morning to go any farther with this.
Great..thats all we need 
05:13pm 15/07/2003
mood: discontent
*sigh* I was having a good day today, until I read the news. I guess i was completely oblivious to everything else going on around the world except for the war with Iraq. North Korea...scary as hell. Nice job president, now what do we do. I can tell ya everyone's gonna say the only answer is war. Go figure what are we to do. A warped country with nuclear shit and a very private government hmm sounds like more of a threat than Iraq was seems how we KNOW Korea has the nukes.

"William Perry, who served as defense secretary under former President Bill Clinton, believes the United States and North Korea could be at war as early as this year"

We havent finished what we started now. :( Ricky (friend of mine and future SEAL) says no it wont be for maybe 2-3 years but its definately coming. Gawd call me selfish call me what u want but i sure the hell hope nothing happens until Jamie's time in the navy is out..although I don't know his plans for after that.

Why does everything have to be so retarded. Nothing in this world is ever going to be solved because of past wars and bitter feelings..i mean recently what have we done so wrong to North Korea, not much that I know of yet their out to get us. Sometimes we just need to keep to our own business instead of the president thinking he can fix everything everywhere in other countries completely irrelevant to us (example: the aids epidemic) hello theres a lot more to it than medecine these people are infested everywhere and refuse to use condoms. ugh just wanted to vent..if anyone is more knowledgable about this hole stuff do share please..
In a perfect world.. 
09:50pm 14/07/2003
mood: peaceful
There would be harmony, among the people, able to live freely amid the wilderness. In a perfect world we would have a stable government, but one where we were able to vote and our opinions mattered, and were listened to. The president and congress would not make the rediculous millions that they do, instead only the reasonable higher amount than the rest of population but nobody would go without. In the words of Bush "Nobody is left behind" except this time the word would hold true. You could walk down the street without being ashamed to walk by a homeless family or a starving child. Diseases would be rid and doors wouldnt have to be locked, airports not constantly secured because in a world of beauty terrorism does not exist. People learn to love one another, and for those who can't..they are done away with, justifiably. Dictators, gone. Murderers, sorry too late for sorries. People arent wasting their lives away working to support those jail birds, and when they do work, minium wage will be about $8. In a perfect world our military would not be worked to depression and deprived of family. Instead they would join to maintain peace, not fight long wars. Killing wildlife of any kind would remain illegal, but there would be no such things as snakes or spiders :p. In a perfect world education would be funded properly and college would be free to anyone who proved themself responsible. Illegal drugs would be unheard of, and people wouldnt revolve around medication or get off of punishment due to a "mental illness." In a perfect world everyone would live by morals, hopefully much like the ones of others. People would live longer happier lives, and healthier children would be brought into the world. Cigarettes would never be invented, and there would be no drinking age. Lastly...in a perfect world I would have met my sweetheart many years ago.
Just a few... 
10:07pm 14/07/2003
  I just wanna write a few of my ideas at this moment but more will come in the near future...bet on it!!

I've always been curious with what I could do with my own country. I've always wondered what kind of laws and idea's I would have about running it as well. I used to look a lot into what other countries had for laws and if I agreed with them or not. So here are a few ideas that I would have in my own country.

In my country....
1. Laws would be made up more by morals and values so that every one would know respect.
2. You would only steal once. For you would lose a finger for every time you did.
3. Men would only rape once. For they never could again.
4. Crimes wouldn't happen because if they did the punishment would fit the crime and no one would want to do things again.
5. Children would be protected as they are lifes greatest gifts.

For now thats all I'll write just cause I got lots more to do tonight. Please share your ideas!!
08:23pm 14/07/2003
mood: content
Hello this is the first post to the community a perfect world =)

I just want to say what this community is about once again.

This community was made in hopes of letting people share their thoughts on A Perfect World. lovemysailor and I have always wondered what the world would be if we ran it and we had our own ideas what we would do if we had our own countries. So this community has been born to let others share their thoughts, theories and ideas with us and others.

We wanna hear what you have to say about what you'd do in your own country or world. What you would do different than what Bush is doing or whatever little ideas about running the US?? Just throw some ideas around but remember two things.
1. Have respect for other peoples ideas and thoughts.
2. Don't be ignorant! I know there are extreme thoughts out there and I will support them if you dont go too far and dont go around being an idiot about them! k!

So have fun guys!! Join up and bring some friends!! I want this place hopping with GREAT ideas!!