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Great..thats all we need

*sigh* I was having a good day today, until I read the news. I guess i was completely oblivious to everything else going on around the world except for the war with Iraq. North Korea...scary as hell. Nice job president, now what do we do. I can tell ya everyone's gonna say the only answer is war. Go figure what are we to do. A warped country with nuclear shit and a very private government hmm sounds like more of a threat than Iraq was seems how we KNOW Korea has the nukes.

"William Perry, who served as defense secretary under former President Bill Clinton, believes the United States and North Korea could be at war as early as this year"

We havent finished what we started now. :( Ricky (friend of mine and future SEAL) says no it wont be for maybe 2-3 years but its definately coming. Gawd call me selfish call me what u want but i sure the hell hope nothing happens until Jamie's time in the navy is out..although I don't know his plans for after that.

Why does everything have to be so retarded. Nothing in this world is ever going to be solved because of past wars and bitter feelings..i mean recently what have we done so wrong to North Korea, not much that I know of yet their out to get us. Sometimes we just need to keep to our own business instead of the president thinking he can fix everything everywhere in other countries completely irrelevant to us (example: the aids epidemic) hello theres a lot more to it than medecine these people are infested everywhere and refuse to use condoms. ugh just wanted to vent..if anyone is more knowledgable about this hole stuff do share please..
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