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What the hell!

Oh God. Ya know what Jackie I missed that news report. I think i rather have missed it as well. War gives me nothing but a big head ache and the only way we'll ever win against North Korea is if we just run in and bomb the shit out of them today! When they dont know we're coming dont know what'll hit them. Otherwise...I love the US you know I'll stand by it when need be but damn I dont think this is one we can win. Not with the whole Iraq one. I really dont think that one is over. No matter what they say.

It can't be over because ya know what Saddam is alive! For lack of any information proving that he's dead I believe that he is alive and is just waiting for us to completely remove our people from 'his' terrory. I think once that happens he'll take control back of Iraq and hit us hard. We haven't found a lot of the weapons he had...and I do believe he had them just hid them well. I'm scared for us. I want our men out there to come home but I'm wondering if they do will these things happen??

I think messin or even toying with the idea that we should or might go after a country like North Korea is like playing with fire. Its a country we shouldn't try to help. The government over there hates us and the people are very controled and dominated into thinking we are the evil of the world. I wish that the US would take a step back. I wish Bush would reavulate what countries we should even help financially. I think we should stick with our own country. Do the trades we need to and move on from there no other deals because it seems to only get us into trouble.

Ya know for a man I used to think wanted to avenage his fathers rep with Iraq I really just think he loves playing with his 'toy' soliders. Someone should tell him this is reality and he's playing with lives not plastic little men. Sorry too early in the morning to go any farther with this.
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