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Hello this is the first post to the community a perfect world =)

I just want to say what this community is about once again.

This community was made in hopes of letting people share their thoughts on A Perfect World. lovemysailor and I have always wondered what the world would be if we ran it and we had our own ideas what we would do if we had our own countries. So this community has been born to let others share their thoughts, theories and ideas with us and others.

We wanna hear what you have to say about what you'd do in your own country or world. What you would do different than what Bush is doing or whatever little ideas about running the US?? Just throw some ideas around but remember two things.
1. Have respect for other peoples ideas and thoughts.
2. Don't be ignorant! I know there are extreme thoughts out there and I will support them if you dont go too far and dont go around being an idiot about them! k!

So have fun guys!! Join up and bring some friends!! I want this place hopping with GREAT ideas!!
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