Holli Rose (mrs_barberian) wrote in a_perfect_world,
Holli Rose

Just a few...

I just wanna write a few of my ideas at this moment but more will come in the near future...bet on it!!

I've always been curious with what I could do with my own country. I've always wondered what kind of laws and idea's I would have about running it as well. I used to look a lot into what other countries had for laws and if I agreed with them or not. So here are a few ideas that I would have in my own country.

In my country....
1. Laws would be made up more by morals and values so that every one would know respect.
2. You would only steal once. For you would lose a finger for every time you did.
3. Men would only rape once. For they never could again.
4. Crimes wouldn't happen because if they did the punishment would fit the crime and no one would want to do things again.
5. Children would be protected as they are lifes greatest gifts.

For now thats all I'll write just cause I got lots more to do tonight. Please share your ideas!!
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