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In a perfect world..

There would be harmony, among the people, able to live freely amid the wilderness. In a perfect world we would have a stable government, but one where we were able to vote and our opinions mattered, and were listened to. The president and congress would not make the rediculous millions that they do, instead only the reasonable higher amount than the rest of population but nobody would go without. In the words of Bush "Nobody is left behind" except this time the word would hold true. You could walk down the street without being ashamed to walk by a homeless family or a starving child. Diseases would be rid and doors wouldnt have to be locked, airports not constantly secured because in a world of beauty terrorism does not exist. People learn to love one another, and for those who can't..they are done away with, justifiably. Dictators, gone. Murderers, sorry too late for sorries. People arent wasting their lives away working to support those jail birds, and when they do work, minium wage will be about $8. In a perfect world our military would not be worked to depression and deprived of family. Instead they would join to maintain peace, not fight long wars. Killing wildlife of any kind would remain illegal, but there would be no such things as snakes or spiders :p. In a perfect world education would be funded properly and college would be free to anyone who proved themself responsible. Illegal drugs would be unheard of, and people wouldnt revolve around medication or get off of punishment due to a "mental illness." In a perfect world everyone would live by morals, hopefully much like the ones of others. People would live longer happier lives, and healthier children would be brought into the world. Cigarettes would never be invented, and there would be no drinking age. a perfect world I would have met my sweetheart many years ago.
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