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A Perfect World

Where YOU Decide!

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Welcome To A_Perfect_World Community!

This community is for people who have ideas, theories or thoughts on the world. People who have ever thought that they might do better at running their country or the world itself than who ever is doing it at this time.

Have you ever thought:
I could do better than bush?
If I had my own country I would do _______ differently?
My country would have different laws such as ____.
I like how bush is ____ but I'd _____ instead.

If you've thought things like this then this is the community for you! Please tell us your thoughts on what you'd do in your own country or even what you'd do to the country/state you live in now to make it better. I realize there are people out there who will have extreme ideas and some out there who'll have just simple little plans of action. We want to hear it all! So please join up share your thoughts and theories because we are here to listen!!

With this said here are the rules!
1. NEVER put another persons ideas down. This will get you kicked out quickly!
2. Stay on topic!
3. We realize there are going to be extreme thoughts out there and we support them as long as they are not racist, sexist, or prejudice in anyway!
4. Keep Religion out of it!

And just so your imformed we will only give you ONE warning. If you get out of line or just are absolutly ignorant we'll kick you.

So have fun post your thoughts and ideas cause we can't wait to hear them!! REMEBER THIS IS NOT REAL!